The High Sea is vast, wondrous, and ever changing. New lands can seemingly rise from the waves or materialize from the mists. Coming across one of these mythical locales can earn a captain great fame and treasures. Tread carefully! Finding new lands in Arrrgh! Or not? is like every event – the greatest rewards are behind the greatest risks.

There are many different and wonderful locations in the Arrrgh! Or not? Voyage deck. Some are just worth seeing. Others may require a little stronger action to get to their true worth. Discovery cards tell the tale of the day players came across something new and unexpected.

  • Uncharted Tropical Islands
  • Mysterious Outposts
  • Lost Ancient Temples
  • Haunted Ship Graveyards
  • Mythical Civilizations
  • … and much much more!

Not only are these wonderful and rare locations yours to discover, but they are also yers to raid or plunder! You are pirates after all. Sneak in and away with the plunder or set cannons ablaze and raid your way to riches. Just make sure ship and crew are up to the task.