During any voyage a grand calamity can be just behind the next wave. Rocks can seemingly rise from the sea without warning. Monsters lurking disguised as treasure lure the unwary. Monkeys carrying kegs of explosives sneak aboard. These are just some of the Calamity cards players can find in the Voyage deck. Taking on the role of The Fates players place calamities onto the events of other captains. The Fates are cruel and can quickly turn a captain’s great discovery into a day they will be cursing.

That captain may find a chance for revenge in the Ship deck. Just like some Voyage cards are calamities meant for others to suffer, within the Ship deck lurk curses. Curse cards are like Upgrade cards and played the moment they are earned. Unlike Calamity cards which are played to events of other captains, Curses are placed on their ships! From Fire Sails that burn everything on deck, to being taken over by dragons and vampirates! – curses are some of the wackiest and dangerous things that can happen in a game of Arrrgh! Or not?