Endless pirate adventures. Customizable ships. Whacky curses. Outrageous sea battles. Daring raids. Discovering legendary shores. Laughing yer rigging loose. This and more await you in Arrrgh! Or not?the swashbuckling game where unique adventures and hearty laughs never end!

Players take the role of pirate captains setting sail to gain enough glory and fortune to become the most reputed scallywag on the High Sea. Any pirate captain can raid a merchant ship or fend off an attack from a pirate chasing bounty hunter. But how many pirate captains can boast they raided the mighty Vessel Eurill of the Sea Mages or that they crossed paths with Ubrezel Queen Sea Hag and lived to tell the tale? They are the pirate captains of legend. Only they have earned the right to “Arrrgh!”

Many games of adventure surprise the players with blind draws from a deck. In each round of Arrrgh! Or not? players choose Voyage cards from their hands. Each card played tells the tale of adventure they chose for that day at sea. Some days can be the stuff of pure legend, others can be nothing more than a refreshing afternoon on a beach. But as every legendary pirate captain knows – a life of swashbuckling is all about risk equaling reward.

Great risk delivers great reward and a great tale to tell of great deeds. That’s a lot of greatness and greatness is what winning Arrrgh! Or not? is all about. Make sure you’ve got yer sea legs though as calamity can strike captains who are not careful. Worse they may find their ships cursed by dark magics. For true captains of legend, the many fun rewards are well worth the risks.