Every time players set sail in Arrrgh! Or not? they start a journey that will never be repeated. On each journey the threats encountered, the upgrades earned, and the discoveries will never be the same, but will always have you laughing across the waves. Will you have a rare encounter with Ol’ Hobb the famed cartographer? Will you broker a deal with the Bilge Rats? Or will you find the fabled Shores of Shine? Players never know what treasures and troubles their next journey holds.

Every adventure in Arrrgh! Or not? is contained within the massive Voyage Deck of cards. Storms, discoveries, raids, battles, encounters, calamities, and more are all stacked in the deck. With over 100 unique events each game holds new twists and turns. With the possible interference of The Fates, even single events can be new and different each time. What will the journey hold and where will your voyage take you? With the sheer number of possibilities, you had better be prepared for anything.

Using the Arrrgh! Or not? Captain’s Mat with the many wacky ship upgrades found in the massive Ship Deck of cards, players will never set forth in the same ship twice. With so many upgrades to spread across your ship as you see fit, Arrrgh! Or not? delivers over 1 million possible unique ship loadouts! (*the number was higher, but we ran out of toes)

Sea faring excitement, endless adventure, the glory of winning fortunes, the fun of ship customization – all of this and more is yers fer the takin’ in Arrrgh! Or not?the swashbuckling game where unique adventures and hearty laughs never end!