The dangers on the sea are as numerous as the waves. Aside from weathering storms, avoiding rocks, and dealing with the occasional monkey with explosives – players can find themselves caught up in battles with unfathomable creatures. In Arrrgh! Or not? players risk splitting sails and sides as they encounter one ridiculous danger after another. They might even have a run-in with their arch anemone! Other threats include:

  • Squadrons of Flying Fish
  • Sea Slime Sailors
  • Emergency Sirens
  • Cretaceous Crustations
  • Bogus Briggs
  • Hordes of Goblin Sharks
  • … and much much more!

Each battle has a mark showing the type of threat on that card. Pay close attention as some threats count as more than a single type. Monster Ship? Ghost Fish? Yes. Yes. And more.