There are many paths to becoming the most reputed of pirate captains. On the High Sea of Taradiddle there is more than just raiding and plundering. The sea is home to mysterious hidden islands full of treasure, old powerful magics, and ancient mythic creatures the likes of which can shiver the timbers of even the staunchest buccaneer. Fame can be earned for just bearing witness to such legendary things. But spectating isn’t for those wanting great treasures. Having a hold full of treasure, enough to shame a king, is a sure way to gain reputation among yer peers. Earning all that reward means that pirate captains must get their hooks dirty.

In Arrrgh! Or not? players earn rewards for their deeds beyond just the reputation needed to win, and the more daring the deed the better the reward. Winning a challenging battle, successfully raiding a fortified port, or braving a dangerous uncharted land provides rewards beyond just fame and fortune. Captains can also earn a wide variety of upgrades for their ship:

  • Multiple Cannons
  • Armor Plating
  • Improved Sails
  • Lasers
  • Remote Control Battleships
  • Cannonball Catching Bees
  • … and many many more!

But be warned! There is a saying on the High Sea: “Tho the waters be deep, the bottom is never far away!” The quest to become the most renown pirate captain is awash with dangers that can send an unworthy, unprepared, or unlucky captain down with their ship – a ship they will never see the likes of again.