Being a pirate captain in Arrrgh! Or not? is not all about swinging from yardarms or sunny walks on the plank. There’s work to be done and the most important task is to know yer ship! With 8 possible spots to place upgrades, and the huge number of upgrades available means there are over 1 million possible ship loadouts! The massive deck of Ship cards holds zany upgrades with fun full color illustrations that players place on their Captain’s Mat. This is a part of what makes Arrrgh! Or not? so much fun – upgrading your ever-changing ship with wacky new additions and abilities!

Knowing what your ship is capable of can make the difference between success and a date with The Brine. Are you equipped with a harpoon for those pesky sharks? Sail at half-mast to better honor and avoid ghosts? How about the taxi disguise for raids? The best pirate captains are ready for anything. Just make sure you don’t get into a battle and forget to use your laser upgrade. Lasers are cool.