In Arrrgh! Or not? players draw hands of cards from the Voyage deck and play them to the table. Every Voyage card represents an event occurring on the player’s journey, each with detailed information and colorful illustrations. Full rules, the path to success, and the many rewards that can be earned are all laid out clearly on each card. It is the player’s choice that decides what event they face. The greater the event, the more glory and fortune earned. For the captains of Arrrgh! Or not? their fates be their own. Or be it?

Although other players are forbidden from battling or plundering their fellow captains, they can have a hand in The Fates. Avast! And Calamity cards allow players to stack the odds against other captains in battle, call forth sudden storms, even render their legendary discoveries meaningless. No matter the event, there is always a chance The Fates can intervene.

Each round players take turns placing and resolving events from their hands. They follow on card instructions and if resolved successfully reap the rewards of that event. Pirate captains know that not all treasure be shine. Fame and infamy are worth more than any doubloon. In Arrrgh! Or not? that fame is represented by Reputation points. Become the most famed pirate on the High Sea, earn 20 points and your right to thunderously Arrrgh!