A Pirate’s Hoard of Gaming Goodness!

Arrrgh! Or not? is packed with all that players will need to start enjoying limitless pirate adventures and laughs. Everything included is wonderfully illustrated from corner to corner immersing you in a colorful world of equally colorful pirates. Along with a fully illustrated color Rulebook you will find:

Arrrgh! Or not? includes everything a group of pirates could want!
  • 96 Unique Voyage cards make up a deck of 208 Voyage cards in total!
  • 97 Unique Ship cards make up a deck of 116 Ship cards in total!
  • 6 Six-Sided Pirate Dice
  • 2 Eight-Sided Ship Dice
  • 8 Captain’s Mats
  • 64 Damage Pips
  • 8 Pirate Ship Tokens
  • 1 Scoring Board
  • … and massive haul of pirate booty!

Within the Rulebook itself is even more treasure! Adding to the wide variety of voyage events and the over 1 million ship loadouts the Arrrgh! Or not? Rulebook also has a trove of fun options. Included additional game modes and challenging rule variations ensure the limitless adventures are even more limitless!

Arrrgh! Or not? Pirate Map Logo
Arrrgh! Or not? is the swashbuckling game where unique adventures and hearty laughs never end!
  • Limitless Pirate Adventures
  • Slap Stick Humor and Laughs
  • Over 1 Million Custom Ship Loadouts
  • Fully Illustrated Components
  • Colorful and Fun Art
  • Exciting a fun Challenge Rules
  • Up to 8 players